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Atlantic Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ottawa. Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems's recent work requests in Ottawa and nearby areas!

Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ottawa, ON
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Outside foundation wall has a hairline vertical crack about 18 inches. Inside is a finished wall in a laundry room.
Vicinity of Chapman in Ottawa
I heavy rain, water coming down from my downspout pools against my foundation. My back lawn has a negative slope, so I cannot direct the downspout water away. I need an underground drainage solution, maybe a French drain or yard drain. Is this something you could do?
Vicinity of Samuel Mann Avenue in Ottawa
Problem in the garage area. Foundation looks to be cracked and one well tilted. Can you please send someone to check It out?
Vicinity of LOCHARRON CRES in Ottawa
Would like to verify the source of a small amount of water coming from under a vinyl floor (with DMX underneath) toward sump pump.
Vicinity of Gaines Dr in Ottawa
Hi, I am looking to get a quote to seal and insulate my crawl space. Thanks Lalitha
Vicinity of Nesbitt Pl. in Ottawa
I would like to have sump pump backup system installed.
Vicinity of Shoreline Drive in Ottawa
Cracks in basement wall with some water leaking due to heavy rain. Would like a quote on repairing cracks.
Vicinity of Pinhey St. in Ottawa
I have your ultra sump, purchased July 2010. I believe the battery is well past end of life. I'd like to purchase a replacement battery and give you the original to be recycled. The battery says CP12-120 (12V120Ah Deep Cycle) MH29178. Thanks.
Vicinity of Blanchard Cres in Ottawa
I would like a quote for installation of a new basement egress window.
Vicinity of St. Ambrose Ave. in Ottawa
We have noticed water on our basement floor after the last couple rainfalls.
Vicinity of Ryan Drive in Ottawa
Hi there, I'm looking to get a quote for an egress window for an existing basement bedroom window.
Vicinity of Autumnwood Street in Ottawa
Hello; My wife and I purchased a 1985 home with no egress windows in the basement. Could you give us a quote to have windows installed/ thanks Don
Vicinity of Adirondack Dr in Ottawa
We are about to embark on a basement reno and would like to add 2 egress windows. There are currently window openings but they are not to code for egress purposes
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Hello. Looking to install 3-4 egress windows in unfinished basement as well as have a crack in the foundation repaired. House is approx 30 years old.
Vicinity of College Circle in Ottawa
Hello, We would like to have two of our basement windows enlarged. One of the windows is in a bedroom so we would be looking for an egress window. Can you please provide a quote. Thank you, Kris
Vicinity of Crerar Ave in Ottawa
Need a window well installed for a 40"x30" egress window. Would like a 30" depth out from the foundation and 22" high.
Vicinity of Castle Hill in Ottawa
Hi I'm interested in more info on your basement humidifier system. We have a dry basement but it's damp. Thanks
Vicinity of Wildlife Way in Ottawa
I'm looking to get CleanSpace installed in my crawl space as well as replace the insulation along the walls.
Vicinity of Elvina in Ottawa
Hello, would like to get a quote for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Huntersfield Drive in Ottawa
Leak near shared basement wall in townhouse
Vicinity of Montereau Ave in Ottawa
Hello, Looking for a quote on an internal weeping tile system/ sump pump for a home in Orleans ON. The basement measures ~150 linear ft, hoping to get an estimate on the install cost/ ft (no demo required). Will need to make a decision ASAP, appreciate any urgency here. Thanks! Brad
Vicinity of Trebla Way in Ottawa
Good morning, i have been wanting to get one of your systems installed for some time. I have just started having some sump pump issues the past couple of days (just in time for spring thaw of course!) and wanted to have someone take a look for an estimate. I was considering the Super Sump System with a battery backup but would listen to your recommendations. Thanks, i hope to hear from you soon. Jim
Vicinity of Zephyr in Ottawa
Looking to get triple safe installation estimate
Vicinity of Zephyr in Ottawa
Looking to get triple safe installation estimate
Vicinity of Tartan Drive in Ottawa
Crack in foundation. Leak in basement. Looking for an estimate on for a fix.
Vicinity of Waterside Court in Ottawa
I'm looking to install a channel drain (I believe that is what it is called) in front of my walk-out basement patio door. Please let me know if this is something that you do, or if there is someone you can recommend.
Vicinity of Lampman Crescent in Ottawa
I'd like an estimate on installing a sump pump.
Vicinity of Balharrie Avenue in Ottawa
Concerned that my sump pump needs to be replaced. Would like to consider and do so, if necessary, before spring.
Vicinity of Royal Avenue in Ottawa
We purchased our home 2 years ago (it was built in 2010), and we experienced flooding in our basement last year during the spring. We had also had some flooding (although not as bad) the previous fall. We are looking for someone to take a look at our basement and suggest alternatives to deal with this issue.
Vicinity of Vanstone Driive in Ottawa
To prevent a potential spring flood because of physical location of the house ( behind a park with a slope)Check the sum pump installed and the need of a bigger one.
Vicinity of Lees Ave in Ottawa
Water entering basement wall. 2/4 walls were worked on by your company back in 2010-11, with inside drain and sump pump. Due to a change of the front deck and concrete stairs, water is finding a way in.
Vicinity of Sherring Crescent in Ottawa
We have water leaking in our basement floor when there is rain fall. It is not clear if it's from the window or crack in foundation. We need an inspection to find the problem and solution to repair it.
Vicinity of Woodburn Dr. in Ottawa
My basement always has a musty smell the windows are very old double sliders which we are getting replaced. lots of efflorecence on floors and walls and some mold. Have a dehumidifier going 24é7 emptying it 2 x day. I recently had asbestos abatement done and so I would like to waterproof the whole thing before I rebuild.
Vicinity of Harcourt Avenue in Ottawa
- Foundation inspection and work required as there are visible cracks
Vicinity of Prince Albert St in Ottawa
Hi, We have a leaky foundation. Would like to discuss possible solutions you could offer. Thanks. Jason
Vicinity of Equestrian Dr in Ottawa
Water into basement - crack in basement wall
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Crack has opened up in our utility room
Vicinity of Willowdale Ave. in Ottawa
We need to put a dehumidifier in our basement to protect against mold. We have recently had it remediated. Your product looks interesting and I'd like to know more about it.
Vicinity of Alta Vista Dr. in Ottawa
Block basement, efflorescence on slab, assume require perimeter drain and sump and vapour surround.
Vicinity of Gainsborough in Ottawa
Wall leaks in basement, looking for a solution, possibly Waterguard.
Vicinity of Whitby Avenue in Ottawa
The context: We have an older house that was built around 100 years ago, and extended numerous times over the years. The foundation for the back (newer) half of the house sits direct on bedrock that's only a few feet below grade. The basement consist of two halves: (a) a low crawl space over that exposed bedrock; and (b) a poured concrete foundation, in an area that's been excavated a bit more deeply. There's a storm drain, but no drainage system or sump. The problem: Water enters the bedrock-area, under the footings, and possibly even up through the bedrock. LOTS of it. Especially at expected times (spring melt, major rain accumulation, etc). We have various hack solutions to move some of that water into a drain ... but we need a more systematic approach so we're not dealing with exposed standing water. We have zero interest in digging outside -- or funds for it -- and are looking for "good enough" approaches that divert more water and allow us to encapsulate the crawlspace area. The grapevine tells us that Atlantic has a lot of expertise in exactly this. Eager to chat!
Vicinity of Somerset Street West in Ottawa
We are renting a commercial space with a 500sqft basement. We were about to frame in walls, but noticed moisture along the floor at the bottom of the walls after the last rain fall. We are wondering what options we have to fix this. Thanks!
Vicinity of Rochester Street, in Ottawa
Would like work done on a small crawl space, approx 16' x 16' and 4' high, with a dirt floor. thanks
Vicinity of Edwin Cr in Ottawa
Flooded basement spring time. Sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Lauder Dr in Ottawa
We have water concern at a corner of our house. We have removed the drywall and have revealed a block wall which is wet. We would like an assessment of the situation, what we need to repair the situation and how much it will cost us.
Vicinity of Granville St in Ottawa
Sagging & leaking foundation under an "add on" staircase
Vicinity of Caroline Avenue in Ottawa
Need back-up system for sump pumps; we may need new pumps;
Vicinity of Kempster Avenue in Ottawa
Basement flooded a few weeks ago and now looking at flooring renovation options. Considering Thermaldry. About 420 square feet
Vicinity of Clearview Avenue in Ottawa
This is the first spring in our new home. A small amount of water infiltrated through cracks in basement slab. (At least that's where we think it came from) 1 Room is carpet on underlay (~170 sqft) and the rest of the finished area is floating vinyl tiles on the slab (~400 sqft). We would like a quote to install the thermaldry or similar in these areas. In addition we would like to discuss options regarding sump pit/pump etc. Thank you, -Mark Hartley
Vicinity of Mimosa Avenue in Ottawa
Hi there, I hope you are able to help us. I'm the tenant at this address. I have authorization from my landlord to inquire about solving a problem we have in our basement. Last week, for the first time, we had some flooding in our basement. It was 2 inches deep in some places and the floor drain didn't work for a couple of hours. We would like to know more about services you have. Specifically, 1) your submersible sump pumps and installation and costs 2) preventing the water from entering in the first place 3) why the drain didn't work (I've got someone coming to video scope the drain) Can someone get back to me, please, to followup? We'll need a plan to fix this and need to know timings and estimates. Thank you, Stuart Smith
Vicinity of Huntersfield Drive in Ottawa
We have been encountering water seepage in our basement floor (concrete slab). Although it is concentrated in one area, we believe that the problem will likely worsen as the other areas of the floor show cracks likely caused by hydrostatic pressure and/or a high water table. We are hoping that you are able to inspect and discuss possible solutions.
Vicinity of Thorson Ave, in Ottawa
Ground water entering the basement. Plumber has confirmed not pipe/drain issue. Suggested a foundstion evaluation.
Vicinity of Acadian Gardens, Orleans in Ottawa
I have an intermittent water leak in a corner of my basement and need to fix it. Want an assessment of the problem.
Vicinity of Erie Avenue in Ottawa
I have a basement system by Atlantic Basement and I would like to install a back up system. My I get a quote to get a battery pump? Thanks Luc
Vicinity of Adelaide St in Ottawa
My sump pump alarm was going off, water if starting to overflow into my basement.
Vicinity of Hall St in Ottawa
Two horizontal cracks in cold room: one in foundation, one in steps. A small amount of water is seeping in. I would love an estimate.
Vicinity of Ruskin St in Ottawa
We have found leak in our basement. Drywall has been removed. Looking for an estimate for the repair. The repair must be done from the inside.
Vicinity of Branthaven St in Ottawa
I have a thin crack In my foundation wall from the floor up which has started to seep water. I need an estimate and time frame for work to be done as well as advice for a short term solution
Vicinity of Island Park Drive in Ottawa
We are hoping you can help give us an estimate for work to be done on cracks in basement of this house that we have a conditional offer on to buy. Thanks Ashley
Vicinity of Grangemill Ave in Ottawa
There is one small spot on my basement floor that seems to be leaking. The water is coming from beneath the one floor board, and makes that squishing noise when I walk. It has been about two weeks now. I am not entirely certain the reasoning behind this but hope you could help me determine the issue.
Vicinity of Flanders St in Ottawa
Replacement basement window
Vicinity of Royalton Pvt in Ottawa
Please see above. You have done work for previous satisfied clients And we just had an unsatisfactory inspection. I can meet someone anytime . Cannot remember valid Postal Cide now. The property is in Hunt Club off Uplands
Vicinity of Shadow Court in Ottawa
Cracks in foundation have reopened.
Vicinity of Stableview Way in Ottawa
Hello, I am looking at having a battery powered sump pump installed in my basement. Is your company able to provide the sump pump and install it, or would I have to purchase the sump pump before hand? There are currently two sump pumps installed and I am thinking of replacing the back up one completely with the new battery powered back up. Thank you, Brad
Vicinity of Tapestry Drive in Ottawa
My basement is finished. I first noticed baseboard shrinkage. Then behind a large TV stand, there is major discoloration in the baseboards and edge of the rug - unfortunately hidden by the TV set up.
Vicinity of Harvard Ave in Ottawa
Water is coming through the finished basement walls - mostly from the garage which is at the same level as the basement; however, it seems that the south side of my home may also need waterproofing as the south wall of the basement space also seems damp.
Vicinity of Manor Avenue in Ottawa
Leak developed in basement
Vicinity of Scrivens Street in Ottawa
Hello, I have a small bungalow that has a crawl space. I want to take care of the crawl space as effectively as possible and would like you to come look at it so that you can give me in estimate of costs to change the crawl space. I have a dehumidifier down there now but it did get too humid in the past. Meeting on weekends and in the evening is best for me. Thanks. Giselle
Vicinity of Inverness Avenue in Ottawa
I would like to get an estimate for a battery operated back-up sump pump.
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Sub pump Wondering the cost of install?
Vicinity of Victoria Street in Ottawa
We need someone to come check the crawl space on a house we just purchased. Need advise asap.
Vicinity of Buell Street in Ottawa
Hi, I have a 100 year old house in the centre of the city that seems to have some moisture issues in the foundation under an extension that was added sometime in the 1950s. With last week's storms, it developed some damage, and we'd like to figure out what needs to be done to fix it and prevent this issue from happening again. Let me know if this is something you can help with! -robyn
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Home on a high water table and most homes on my street have a sump pump
Vicinity of Kings Grove Crescent in Ottawa
Hi, We would like to have a sump pump installed. Water has come from underneath our house on last weeks rain. Please let us know how much would it cost to have a sump pump installed (new hole and pit required) Thank you!
Vicinity of Kinnear St in Ottawa
We would like to finish our basement, but it has a history of leaking from the base of the walls during a heavy rain. It's also very moist on a regular basis (except during winter). We're looking for a cost effective solution.
Vicinity of Viola Street in Ottawa
We purchased a tri-pump system from you about 4-5 years ago and forgot about the 1st free service, had a bit of a flood this year and not sure why. Can we still cash in our first free service and have it checked?
Vicinity of McLeod Street in Ottawa
The home inspector flagged some areas of the basement where there were higher moisture readings and some damage to the parging. There are also some cracks in the exterior foundation (though that may need repointing). The house was built in the 1920s, so it likely doesn't have any weeping tile. Longer term we would like to finish the basement, so we want it to be dry. There's also a finished bathroom down there now, and we don't want to have moisture issues behind those walls.
Vicinity of Avenue N in Ottawa
Water infiltration in several areas during wet seasons. Concrete block foundation with lots spots around it and an old weeping system.
Vicinity of Chancery Cres in Ottawa
Live in Avalon in Orleans that had clay issues immediately after the build. Foundation was dug and repaired in 2006 with large foam blocks. Now there is a crack on basement wall. Is external and internal.
Vicinity of in Ottawa
We have a property with a cracked foundation.
Vicinity of Fairmeadow Cr in Ottawa
I'm looking to obtain a quote for the purchase and installation of a sump-pump.
Vicinity of Chapel Street in Ottawa
Hi - we have floor leaks and potentiall wall leaks. Flooring has been removed. Looking for a waterproofing solution. Thank you.
Vicinity of Fulton Ave in Ottawa
Relocation of sump pump and 100' of French drain in basement. JP
Vicinity of Southwoood AVE in Ottawa
Estimate for new basement window and well
Vicinity of Renfrew in Ottawa
We have a problem with moisture at the base of one wall in the basement. I am looking for a diagnosis and quote for addressing this problem. With thanks, Rhonda
Vicinity of Vanhurst Place in Ottawa
I do not have ongoing water issues at the moment but there have been some cracks in the foundation identified during the inspection. I would like to be proactive and have these cracks filled prior to selling my home. Thanks, Sylvia
Vicinity of Switzer Ave in Ottawa
Looking for a quote to conduct an inspection and regular maintenance on my sump pump.
Vicinity of Burlington Crescent in Ottawa
Townhouse has small basement window at rear of house. The existing window well does not appear to be attached to the foundation. It has risen out of the ground so much it's now pushing up on the siding. This needs to be redone properly and a new Window well installed.
Vicinity of Armstrong in Ottawa
I'm a buyer on a house in Hintonburg. The crawl space currently appears to be completely unfinished. Trying to get a better idea of what cost/benefit of encapsulating/insulating it would be.
Vicinity of Roger Road in Ottawa
Need a sump pump installed in basement as additional assurance against water damage
Vicinity of Delong Drive in Ottawa
We bought a home last fall. It has a sump pump that goes outside above ground. The pipe leads to municipal drainage system. The pipe is made of plastic and is above ground. Needless to say, it froze in the winter and is now full of holes. We need to have more reliable piping installed underground with a warming system
Vicinity of Huntersfield Drive in Ottawa
Good Morning: I have flooding in my basement, which is seeping in from the floor and I am trying to resolve it. This issue is related to a high water tablet. I am looking for a contractor who will dig a trench in my basement and then put a pipe with holes in it so the water will be diverted away from my basement when the water tablet rises in the spring. It is not a foundation issue because my foundation was totally redone and fixed by the previous owner. I am looking for an assessment of the problem and a cost estimate. Thanks Emily Arrowsmith
Vicinity of Pleasant Park Rd in Ottawa
I have an extension with only a crawlspace. I want to properly insulate the extension to turn it into an en-suite. So I want the crawlspace dug deeper and cemented all around. Also I would like part of the house foundation filled and water proofed.
Vicinity of Lexington Street in Ottawa
Looking to get a quote on updating the window wells around the house - possibly something that will let more light into the basement.
Vicinity of General Ave. in Ottawa
We recently had 2 small leaks in our basement, and foundation is cracked in come places (old house and foundation).
Vicinity of Woodgate Way in Ottawa
Vicinity of Autumnwood St. in Ottawa
Water on basement floor.please call.
Vicinity of Talltree Cres in Ottawa
We have a shrinkage crack in our foundation that needs to be fixed from the outside.
Vicinity of Kenilworth in Ottawa
Getting some standing water during spring thaw. Coming through floor cracks, where new concrete from pluming etc. meets old old pad and some from cove joints. House built in 1941 aprox 100 linear feet.
Vicinity of Elliot Ave in Ottawa
Looking to get a solution for sump-pump for the basement.
Vicinity of Zephyr Avenue in Ottawa
Had flooding in our basement last week. through a friend, met Chris yesterday and we realize we need better waterproofing of our house. short term grade water away, including new flashing. long term sump pump
Vicinity of Dundee Ave. in Ottawa
Are the pump or your system noisy? Thx.
Vicinity of Caroline Ave in Ottawa
Vicinity of Keighley Circle in Ottawa
I have a crack in my basement foundation requiring an injection to seal it.
Vicinity of Snowdon St in Ottawa
Slight cracks in concrete foundation
Vicinity of Larose Ave in Ottawa
Water damage (bubbled drywall, baseboards pulled away from wall) to three walls in basement office, up to about 10 inches off the floor. Also to drywall around the window above the damaged area, but none in between. Occurred during the heavy rainfall and high winds during first week of May. No water on the floor. Cannot see any visible entry point on outside. The damage around the window makes me think it is not the foundation but the cause needs to be assessed, and fixed.
Vicinity of Northview Road in Ottawa
Vertical cracking from foundation up to second floor and one that is from the foundation to the bottom of the basement window,
Vicinity of Hamlet Road in Ottawa
I am looking to have a sump pump installed in my finished basement, without being connected to perimeter drainage or french drains at this point. I would need a sump pump hole, sump pump system (with backup power supply). Thanks
Vicinity of Whitestone Dr in Ottawa
Vertical crack in basement foundation wall. There is water penetration on days with heavy rain.
Vicinity of Rosebella Ave in Ottawa
Found some water in my basement along the exterior wall. The walls are finished but it seems like it's coming from the window. Once the rain stopped, the water seemed to stop. What service can you offer to determine the leak. The house is 13 years old and has a membrane around the foundation.
Vicinity of Ruth St. in Ottawa
Water appears to be seeping through basement floors with heavy rainfall. No obvious crack or entry point in basement walls have been identified.
Vicinity of Fisher Avenue in Ottawa
Seeking a basement inspection to determine cause of water pooling after heavy rain. 85 year old house. I suspect no or old weeping tile. The number above is my office number. Thanks
Vicinity of McLeod St in Ottawa
We have a small addition with a crawl space over dirt. We found the floors very cold in our first winter in the house. Currently there is spray foam underneath but it does not seem to do anything. Looking to find a solution for this.
Vicinity of Brookline Ave in Ottawa
I need a sump pump, installed, in my basement
Vicinity of Chaucer Ave. in Ottawa
We have our Chaucer Ave house /property up for sale --We're now in an apt. on Range Rd -- The home's garage is:'unusual" -it's supported 3 ft off the ground by 9 concrete block pillars (reaching down 4 ft to a 4 ft square base ) The centre pillar has gone off kilter --It seemingly still does support --but looks precarious -- thus very likely discouraging a prospective buyer. It needs to be dug out and made upright
Vicinity of Levis Ave in Ottawa
My 60+ year old home floods every spring and during heavy summer rains (the basement). Have foundation cracks but want to avoid digging and waterproofing from the outside. Like the idea of the French drain system and sump pump and would like to know if my house would be a good candidate.
Vicinity of Cobden Road in Ottawa
Ground water coming up from the basement floor.
Vicinity of Roger Road in Ottawa
Replace a noise sump pump and install an back up sump pump.
Vicinity of RHEA PL in Ottawa
I would like to have a back up system installed
Vicinity of Richardson Ave. in Ottawa
Leaking water in my basement ..block foundation .. build 1960
Vicinity of in Ottawa
I need a new sump pump for my basement, mostly just to pump out the water generated by our dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Avenue O in Ottawa
Wet basement when it rains over frozen ground
Vicinity of Draper Ave, in Ottawa
I'm concerned about the foundation of a small cottage. It's located in Merrickville and currently sits on sonotubes and wood posts. They don't appear to be aligned properly and I'd appreciate it if someone would take a look and tell me how much it would cost to fix the issue. Please email me for further correspondence.
Vicinity of First Ave in Ottawa
Have a concrete basement and need to create a warm floor that is durable for fitness use and child play area!
Vicinity of Byles Way in Ottawa
Signs of sinking footing at one corner of house. Stress on patio door.
Vicinity of Hampton Avenue in Ottawa
Need a great sub-pump with a backup and possible text notification
Vicinity of Dartmouth Avenue in Ottawa
Spring Basement flooding due to hydrostatic pressure. Water comes through cracks in floor.
Vicinity of Summerville Ave in Ottawa
Water in the baswment
Vicinity of Edison Ave in Ottawa
Water in the basement, might be coming through cracks in the floor? Please help ASAP
Vicinity of Black Canary in Ottawa
I have sump pump system at my basement. Currently the water level is about 4 inch to reach top. I do not know my sump pump is working or not. if it is not, I need a new one.
Vicinity of Brandywine in Ottawa
Hi, I'd like a quote to install a battery back up sump pump. Thanks, Adam
Vicinity of Spruce in Ottawa
Some water coming in a corner of my basement. Looking to do some renos in basement would like to get an estimate for waterproofing and what is needed. Would like to be able to get estimate in next week or so - this weekend would be perfect actually. Cheers, - Nik
Vicinity of Clearview Ave in Ottawa
Need sump pump for a new build.
Vicinity of Kama Place in Ottawa
Vicinity of Sunset Cove Ci in Ottawa
Leak in basement
Vicinity of Lanark in Ottawa
We have musty smells in our home. As well, we have a dirt crawlspace. We think the two are connected and want to explore options for sealing the space.
Vicinity of Nicholson Avenue in Ottawa
I have a small crack in my foundation that needs to be repaired. There is currently no leakage.
Vicinity of Village Walk Pvt in Ottawa
Looking for my sump pump to be serviced/ inspected.
Vicinity of Beausoleil Dr in Ottawa
Loose/fallen HVAC duct connection to room above crawl space. I need a quick inspection of the crawl space and duct work and to fix ductwork and make sure the rooms are properly connected.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Road in Ottawa
We have a crawl space 24' x40' x 6' high. Somewhat damp and heated. Some odours are coming into the office area. Was looking at installing power vents. Do you work in the Ottawa area?
Vicinity of in Ottawa
Vicinity of State St in Ottawa
Water is leaking into the basement. The widow wells fill up with water during a big rain. There appears to be a crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of Green Gables Lane in Ottawa
I am interested in a simple French Drain to take the downspout run-off to the storm sewer at the back of my yard. I need a 30' length from the house to the back (5% grade) that will have sod on it, and an open drain about 25' along the back of the yard (2% grade). I am hoping that the trench need not be much bigger that 1' x 1'. I would like the downspout to direct to the drain understanding that the drain could freeze in the winter, so the connection cannot be air tight. I must also say that I am open to suggestions, but felt I needed to give you a starting point for the estimate.
Vicinity of Stinson Ave in Ottawa
When can you sched a time to look at the property. It has a leaky foundation and has a high water table. They use a sump pump to help manage the water issue.
Vicinity of Bradley Ave in Ottawa
Stone foundation. Leaking.
Vicinity of Dunrobin Road in Ottawa
We've recently purchased a house and are looking to get a sump pump installed. The basement has a hole for a sump pump but no pump. Thanks, Keldi
Vicinity of Links Drive South in Ottawa
Hello, I would like to get a quote for a new sump pump installation (material and labour). I am looking for a triple safe system. There is currently two pumps but the system is 9 years old and doesn't have the battery. The hole should be big enough for a triple safe system but will require to be enclosed. Thank you for your help, Manon
Vicinity of Elmside Avenue in Ottawa
We would like to "upgrade" our crawl space! We currently have a crawl space under the addition to the back of our house (10x38 approx) It is still the dirt floor covered by loose pieces of board insulation (about 3 inches thick) We are considering removing these boards and add polyethylene instead. Main reason is to keep moisture away. The crawl space is currently not vented so it gets musty in there. Is it possible to have an idea of the cost for such project? Thank you
Vicinity of Bank Street in Ottawa
Home built in 1909, stone rubble foundation, leaking. Water pressure showing efflorescence through multiple spots in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Dorset Drive in Ottawa
I would like to get some work done on my crawl space. It's a large space that opens up into my basement and I would like to have it properly insulated.
Vicinity of Bidwell Street in Ottawa
Looking for options to bury or create a channel for a downspout as per your web page
Vicinity of Barrette in Ottawa
We just bought a house and realized after the heavy rain yesterday that water is coming in through the basement window. We need an estimate asap. Thank you
Vicinity of Elliot Avenue in Ottawa
We had your system installed along one basement wall in 2011, and it now appears we should have done the adjoining wall, as we are getting much dampness and some water along that wall.
Vicinity of Nora in Ottawa
I have an existing sump pump that's very very loud and I want see if I can replace it with a quieter one or have it serviced if possible.
Vicinity of Parkdale Avenue in Ottawa
Water comes into basement when it rains or when a lot of snow melts. Wondering if a sump pump would solve the issue. Thanks, Gunther
Vicinity of Traverse Drive in Ottawa
We're concerned about moisture seeping into the crawl space of our back-split house, mostly the floor. It's about 4 ft tall and 425 square feet.
Vicinity of River Lane in Ottawa
Water seeping into basement at back of house.
Vicinity of Bel-Air Dr. in Ottawa
House was built in 1963 with a crawlspace underneath. It is not sealed currently and has just a gravel floor (with bedrock in some areas) which we think might be causing a humidity issue in the living areas.
Vicinity of Crichton St in Ottawa
Old house (125 yrs?) with rubble foundation and a basement hatch! Yeah, I need a proper hatch door but that's really the least of my concerns re: water. The basement is , shall we say... it's semi-permeable. Not sure where the water is coming from (the ground?) but it does, especially in the spring. Ideally, I would like to make the basement dryer, perhaps even insulate it! I also need to replace some rotting framing timbers. It's just a mechanical and storage area, but since it's attached to the rest of the house... I believe that addressing this would definitely improve the comfort throughout.
Vicinity of Woodward Ave in Ottawa
Cellar is leaking, looking to have it fixed.
Vicinity of Frontenac in Ottawa
Leaking through basement floor when there is heavy rain.
Vicinity of Tullamore in Ottawa
I would like a new sump pump and a battery backup installed.
Vicinity of Cloverheath Cres in Ottawa
Basement wall has a crack to the floor and leaks when it rain a lot.
Vicinity of Lakehurst Road in Ottawa
Need to install sump pump and look into the floor drainage system
Vicinity of Scrivens Street in Ottawa
I would like a free estimate with regards to taking care of the crawl space under my home in all ways (ie. venting, humidity levels, and more). Thanks. Giselle
Vicinity of Thessaly Circle in Ottawa
We have an unfinished crawlspace from the mid-60s that we would like to have properly encapsulated.
Vicinity of Arlington in Ottawa
Would like a quote on insulating a crawl space. Size is about 15x25. Current condition is exposed soil, exposed concrete walls with fiberglass insulation bewteewn floor joists, covered by a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Holland Ave in Ottawa
The main support beam (3 piece wood) in the basement (late 1930's semi-detached house) needs to be repaired/reinforced.
Vicinity of Queensgrove Road in Ottawa
Crack in exterior crawlspace wall, crawlspace needs to be insulated.
Vicinity of Northwestern Avenue in Ottawa
I would like to have a crawl space extension encapsulated so that I can heat it and make the space above more comfortable. The room is 15'x12', with access from the outside. The crawl space is about 3' high and is enclosed by mini studded walls. thanks, Joseph
Vicinity of Patterson Ave in Ottawa
I have an old row house with a sagging main floor. I would like to replace the support beam underneath and to jack up the floor to something more level.
Vicinity of Michaelsem Street in Ottawa
Crack in foundation
Vicinity of Ivy Crescent in Ottawa
Would like to have interior weeping tiles installed
Vicinity of Mohawk Crescent in Ottawa
I have two sump pumps. One does not seem to be working properly. The pump is running continuously, but hole is dry. Need to have the whole system inspected and maintenance, repair or replacement performed, as necessary.
Vicinity of Flannery Drive in Ottawa
I occasionally get water into my basement. Spring sometimes. Recently with heavy rain.
Vicinity of Patterson Avenue in Ottawa
Last sump pump failed and insurance company's contractor installed a cheap one from Rona. We are looking for a good sump pump and back up system and to ensure that it is installed correctly.
Vicinity of Fardon Way in Ottawa
I Have horizontal cracks in my . Would you please come and take a look at my foundation above ground
Vicinity of Cromwell Dr. in Ottawa
Our window wells fill up with water in heavy rains and seep into the basement. We have drywall damage from such an incident.
Vicinity of Van Vliet Rd in Ottawa
I have a small crack in my fondation wall that leaks on heavy rain days. Our house was built in 1973 Thank you
Vicinity of Kingston Ave in Ottawa
The foundation in the building has sunk causing exterior walls to crack and interior floors to tilt
Vicinity of Osgood Main in Ottawa
Hi, We need an expert to assess our crawl space of our 40 year old home, asap, pls. Our crawl space definitely needs repair, proper support, and installation. We would like to know if the repair will be so extensive, that we should put a basement in instead of repairing it.
Vicinity of Lima Way in Ottawa
Water leaking in to basement near window when it rains. Also leaking when we use outdoor tap/hose near window. Would like a free estimate on repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kirkwood in Ottawa
We have a leaky cellar and would like an estimate on options.
Vicinity of Byron Avenue in Ottawa
I am looking to upgrade my current sump pit and pump system.
Vicinity of Clementine in Ottawa
I would like to have a battery back up installed and the sump pump probably needs some maintenance/cleaning.
Vicinity of Kinnear in Ottawa
Spring thaw has water leaking into the basement. Need diagnosis.
Vicinity of Echo Drive in Ottawa
Basement is leaking need an evaluation Thanks
Vicinity of Potter Dr in Ottawa
Flooding in basement because the pit pump stop working. Need to trigger the arm to restart
Vicinity of Mcneely in Ottawa
Secondaire battery sum pump
Vicinity of Levis Ave in Ottawa
I would like a quotation for having a back-up sump pump installed in my home. I currently have a working sump pump but it's working frequently these days and I would like a back-up in case it breaks or in case of power failure. Thank you.
Vicinity of Barrette Street in Ottawa
Water coming into my basement from multiple spots - corners and along walls (none of the areas have windows). Parging is also crumbling in areas. House was built in 1936, so I think it is a poured foundation.
Vicinity of Rowatt in Ottawa
I have a crawl space that is approximately 10' x 16' that needs sealing and insulating. I'm looking to find out what the cost to put a vapor barrier down on the stone/dirt floor and then insulate 2 exterior facing walls will cost.
Vicinity of Armadale Crescent in Ottawa
The is a small crack in the foundation behind the drywall in our basement. water is leaking in during the warm weather thaw. We would like an estimate for the fix.
Vicinity of Cedarview Road in Ottawa
I have a small single family bungalow. I require a reliable sump pump and back up in case of power outage. I would be happy to meet you to get a quote at your earliest opportunity. Thank you
Vicinity of Keys Way in Ottawa
I have horizontal crack in my basement wall that is spanning over parts of two walls with possible water leak in one location.
Vicinity of Briar Avenue in Ottawa
Water in the basement after Friday's rain. Also had smaller amount in basement early January. Water soaked the entire carpet, which has now been removed. Would be available Tuesday February 25 in the late afternoon for meeting.
Vicinity of Horner Drive in Ottawa
Sump-Pump: likely break in line on exterior. Sump-pump lacks a proper cover over well, has had leaks in the past. Would like quote for a new system; will likely require some exterior work.
Vicinity of Trent in Ottawa
Looking to to have northwest corner of a cinder block foundation assessed for cracks and heaving which has resulted in water seepage. A quote for repairs. Thanks for you time.
Vicinity of Shillington Ave in Ottawa
Hello, I have a cold cellar that has a leak when it thaws or there is very heavy rain. I believe that your Waterguard drainage system is a perfect solution to my problem. I believe that the solution to my problem would be to install a "U" shaped trench around the perimeter of the cold cellar. Also installing a sump pump pit (old pit not adequate, needs to be deeper). The dimensions of the "U" shape are as follows: 7'4"&7'4" long sides of "U" shape 6'7" bottom of "U" shape The 6'7" portion of the wall is really the only part that does leak but better safe then sorry while the access can be had. This adds up to just under 22 linear feet. Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of how much this would cost? I understand that there are a lot of other factors that can affect the estimate. But right now I am just trying to decide if this is even feasible budget wise. If not, I would not want to waste anyone's time coming to inspect and make a quote that could have been ended with over an email if the cost is just way out of our budget. Thank you for your time, David Ian Green
Vicinity of St. Denis Street in Ottawa
We have a basement sump pump that isn't functioning properly and we would like either to have it repaired or to replace it.
Vicinity of Dixie St in Ottawa
No concerns. Just need to know what you would charge me for the install of a sump pump in my basement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Willow St. in Ottawa
Seeking quote for managing water inflow to basement
Vicinity of Gannet St in Ottawa
Interested in a quote for an exterior repair of two vertical foundation cracks.
Vicinity of Stedman St in Ottawa
RH level moderate to high, looking at whole home dehumidifier. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marier in Ottawa
Water leaching through concrete foundation
Vicinity of Hopewell Avenue in Ottawa
We have a perimeter drainage system that flows to a sump pump in our basement. The pump is close to 10 years old. We would like to replace it and find your 3 pump system (including battery backup) appealing as we have just refinished our basement. Grateful if you could give us an estimate and sense of when you could install it.
Vicinity of Smirle in Ottawa
I have a sinking addition on the back of my home with some rot in two of the girders.I would like to have the addition made level.
Vicinity of Flora Street in Ottawa
Crawl space vapour barrier
Vicinity of Hillview Road in Ottawa
Water leaking into front of basement by sump pumpa long foundation in basement
Vicinity of Rhodes Court in Ottawa
Crack in foundation at rear of house.
Vicinity of Weston in Ottawa
Vicinity of Marcel Street in Ottawa
Just bought a new home and discovered one small hole and two cracks behind wood panelling and drywall in the basement. Require an estimate to fill the two cracks (from inside) and fix the hole from the outside. Thanks !
Vicinity of Willow St in Ottawa
Sinking of the extension to original house.
Vicinity of Landover Crescent in Ottawa
We have a crack in our foundation on the side of our house and would like to have it repaired.
Vicinity of Vancouver Ave in Ottawa
I need ASAP a free estimation on all foundation repairs I need crack repairs
Vicinity of Millstream Way in Ottawa
I have a crack that is on the outside of the back of my wall that I would like to : Find out if you can inject something to fill it or recommend other alternatives with costs. I understand that you do free quotes?. Please call asap as I am trying to sell my home. Thank you, Brent
Vicinity of Melrose Ave in Ottawa
Hi, We have a crawlspace that needs insulating, it's approximately 24' by 8' It looks like it might have a little bit of mold on the walls, so it might need some cleaning as well. Adrian
Vicinity of Leopolds Drive in Ottawa
We have an old redundant sump pump system in our basement and wanted to get a quote on replacing the system as well as learning about service/maintenance options.
Vicinity of Foster in Ottawa
My house is 100 years old. I am planning to renovate my entire kitchen after a water damage incident. The floors are sloped and wavy. There are structural issues with the joists under the kitchen. I would like an opinion as to what should be done what the options and costs would be.
Vicinity of Ste Anne in Ottawa
Minimal water infiltration, would require interior waterproofing.
Vicinity of Lyon St N in Ottawa
I had water seep in through a basement wall during the large thaw. I have a finished basement, water ruined the carpet, the underlay was soaked through. Aside from that there is a bit of drywall damage to the bottom of 2 sheets where I presume the water came in. I suspect an issue with either the weeping tiles or foundation. I would like your advice on what to do next, and how to prevent this from happening again. Thanks, S.
Vicinity of Winnington Ave in Ottawa
Cracks in foundation found by home inspector, moisture in crawl space. Require an assessment and estimate. Preferred time would be Tuesday, March 26 or Wednesday, March 27 as I'm off work. Thank you!
Vicinity of Woodpark Way in Ottawa
We have a wet corner in the basement near the window. looking for quotes to repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of Huntersfield Dr. in Ottawa
I have a small leak in my basement foundation (the concrete) and was wondering if I could get a general idea of how much a repair like that would cost. Thank you.
Vicinity of Trafford in Ottawa
I have cracks in my basement foundation which seep water.
Vicinity of Topley Cr. in Ottawa
There is very small forming hole that is leaking a bit of water. I need someone to repair it.
Vicinity of Fardon Way in Ottawa
A home built in mid 80's and that we bought about 10 years ago that appears to have had watter problems in the basement in the past and in fact we have had minor watter enter it over the years. There have been other houses (built at the same time by the same builder) that have had basement watter issues. We are looking to finsh the basement.
Vicinity of Highcroft Avenue in Ottawa
Dirt floor crawlspaces open to musty basement. I want to get rid of the smell and condition the space. Cheers.
Vicinity of Spencer Street in Ottawa
Water infiltration in basement. Carpet is wet but no damage to drywall. Would like to get an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Belair Drive in Ottawa
We have noticed what appears to be water damage and cracks in our basement ceiling and were wondering if your company would come and assess the situation.
Vicinity of Melrose Ave in Ottawa
Looks for a quote on installing a sump pump.
Vicinity of Richer Drive in Ottawa
We would like an estimate for a crack in the foundation. also, we have water coming in and we haven't found the source of the problem
Vicinity of Progress Place in Ottawa
Water coming into the basement where the I Beam is.
Vicinity of Raven Ave in Ottawa
Water leaking into basement apartment from exterior wall. This occured within the last two days with the rising of the temperture melting snow and ice around the building. Was hoping for an estimate .
Vicinity of Hochelaga, in Ottawa
I own this property, but rent it out. There is a slow leak in the basement due to a cracked foundation. It is a finished basement. I attempted to repair the foundation last year, and it appeared to be OK, however the tenants have now reported the floor is wet. It appears water is still leaking through.
Vicinity of Armstrong St. in Ottawa
Dirt crawl space under our kitchen needs to be sealed and properly vented. Please email
Vicinity of SCout Street in Ottawa
I have a small crakc i the basement wall and water has started leaking.
Vicinity of Horace Court in Ottawa
During rain yesterday, my husband notice a bulge in the drywall tape. He opened the wall and saw that there was a leak into the basement from the outside. He has temporarily reroute the eaves trough drain and put plastic where it seems to be coming in and the leak has stopped and the basement wall is drying (no water on the floor). We would like to have an estimate done to fix the problem.

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