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Atlantic Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Orleans. Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems's recent work requests in Orleans and nearby areas!

Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems' recent work requests in Orleans, ON
Vicinity of Unicorn Ave in Orleans
We have water leaking through our foundation into the basement in heavy rains. We would like a estimate on repairing this leak before the first frost.
Vicinity of Potts Private in Orleans
We watered our grass today and notice that the water was coming down behind the siding. We went and checked in 0ur basement after and noticed that it was leaking inside.
Vicinity of Sablewood Pl in Orleans
Water leaked at one unfinished basement corner (near neighboring wall with another town house), after the heavy rain. I would like someone to come by on Wednesday morning or afternoon to see and give estimate for fix or repair. Thanks, Maohui
Vicinity of Major RD in Orleans
We have 2 pumps in the basement,with the floats adjusted at different levels,but without power it does not mean anything.
Vicinity of St. Joseph in Orleans
The basement is divided into three units. One of the unit has a bowing walls, and there is a roughtly 5mm wide horizontal crack. I need an estimation to fix the defect. It would be ideal if someone can come over this Thu, at 13:00 as my agent will be there for other matters.
Vicinity of Gerald in Orleans
Would like an estimate for a sump system in my basement.
Vicinity of Juniper Street in Orleans
Driveway was paved improperly and water funnels into garage. We need a drainage system to correct this.
Vicinity of Henri Lauzon in Orleans
Hi, we have a water leak in the basement of our Minto townhouse (2004 construction) through a crack in the foundation. The crack can be seen fromthe outside as well as the inside (the wall is now open from the inside in the basement). I would like a timeframe and repair estimate. Thank you. Dominique
Vicinity of Chartrand Ave in Orleans
Hello, Looking for an estimate to install a submersible sump pump. I currently have a sump pit in my basement. Also, I would like a backup system as well. Thanks, Stacey
Vicinity of Granada Drive in Orleans
I went to look at a house i,m bying,and the main beem needs to be replace .it needs 4 jacks and a new beem . this beem is in the crawl space
Vicinity of Falling Brook Ridge in Orleans
We have minor water seepage during heavy rain only when the downspout is not directing eaves water away from the foundation. Some small cracks visible in the concrete basement wall - basement is unfinished.
Vicinity of Belcourt Blvd. in Orleans
This place is wet whenever it rains.
Vicinity of Vorlage Drive in Orleans
Crack in foundation needs to be repaired Basement is finished, but damaged area was "torn apart" to inspect where water seapage came from. Found the crack (very small in width, but almost the height of basement wall.
Vicinity of Burgundy Lane in Orleans
I would like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate of our basement. It's not a finish basement and there is an area that is leaking. We would like to have this appointment as soon as possible. Thank you. Eva
Vicinity of Edgar Brault Street in Orleans
I have a finished basement and there is water coming in one of the rooms.
Vicinity of Como Crescent in Orleans
Hello, I have a small hairline crack on my foundation that requires immediate repair. I would appreciate a quick quote if at all possible this week as I'm in the hospital this Friday. For details I am the owner of a bungalow which is 14 yrs old. The house was built by Claridge Homes in 1997. There is no other structural damage. The crack is visible from the exterior. There is no water penetration in the interior wall and my basement is finished however has a suspended ceiling. Look forward in hearing from you a.s.a.p. (I do have a picture that I've taken that I can send. It shows the crack and location very well) Thank you for your consideration and look forward in meeting you.
Vicinity of Paradise Crescent in Orleans
Water is coming in the basement of my town-house. I pulled out the isolation and I can see a small crack from the inside of the house.
Vicinity of Como Crescent in Orleans
We have two cracks in the foundation (one on each side of the house, one of which starts from the basement window). As per condition of house sale, these cracks needs to be assessed and repaired if required. Referral from Penny Kaszas, who is our real estate agent. Thanks, Sue
Vicinity of Kennedy Lane West in Orleans
Crawl space is cinder block construction. We would like to put in a vapour barrier and insulation.

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