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Atlantic Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Nepean. Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems's recent work requests in Nepean and nearby areas!

Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems' recent work requests in Nepean, ON
Vicinity of Parkfield Cr. in Nepean
I would like to have an estimate on correcting my current sump pump installation
Vicinity of Barry Burn Court in Nepean
Wet basement
Vicinity of Manorgate Place in Nepean
I would like to have estimates for: (1) sealing basement wall cracks and (2) installation of wall panels (plastic versus insulated). Thanks!
Vicinity of Aero Drive in Nepean
I want to replace my existing sump pump.
Vicinity of Glacier St. in Nepean
A basement window at the back of the house, covered by the rear deck, has been leaking on and off in every rainstorm for a while now, causing interior damage. Not sure if that is the only source of leakage. Would like this to be looked at and estimated, as soon as possible, by the end of August or early September at the latest.
Vicinity of Aldridge Way in Nepean
We recently flooded our finished basement. The carpet has been lifted and the bottom 2 feet of drywall removed. We are looking for solutions going forward before refinishing.
Vicinity of Monterey Drive in Nepean
We frequently get water in the basement and most recently had a small flood. There is no drainage in the backyard and the yard fills with water as well. Would like to have proper drainage to avoid any further dameage.
Vicinity of Westpointe Crescent in Nepean
Creak on the basement wall and water seeps through when raining (sometimes only). Need a quotation
Vicinity of Fairlop Way in Nepean
I need a quote to fix a small settling crack on the outside wall under the basement window. Thank you
Vicinity of Ettrick Cres in Nepean
We would like our sump pump system checked and any adjustments made. We would also like to have a battery backup system installed.
Vicinity of Up Minster Way in Nepean
Cracks in basement and I need to know if it is a foundation problem or not and how much to fix it.
Vicinity of Chester Crescent in Nepean
Water leak in the basement, by the look of it coming not from the walls, but from the foundation (leak is in the middle of basemnt, no adjucent walls)
Vicinity of Ancroft Crt in Nepean
I recently moved into a new home and discovered water coming in to the basement from a crack in the basement wall. I require an estimate for the repair whether it can be injected from the inside of if it needs to be dug up
Vicinity of Cheswick Place in Nepean
We have a large unfinished basement. We are looking to partially finish the basement but have a couple of cracks and some tie rods that have caused minor leaks during heavy winter rains. Exterior excavation is problematic so are looking for interior solutions and options.
Vicinity of Hyde Park Way in Nepean
We had a leak in the corner of our basement which we are now cleaning up. Unfortanetly, our basement has drywall and carpeting. Do you have a way of finding where the leak is?
Vicinity of Rueter St in Nepean
We have a crack in the corner of the finished basement that was patched by a previous owner of the house but is leaking again. You were recommended as someone who could drill and inject the crack.
Vicinity of McClellan Road in Nepean
Hi there Corey came round on 2010-03-22 to give us an estimate for foundation repair and window well excavation. Haven't seen the estimate yet, and wanted to be sure that you have the correct email address - it's [email protected] If it's just that you're swamped and haven't managed to get to it yet, please let us know. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
Vicinity of Juniper Court in Nepean
Require removal of external metal chimney from concrete basement wall and sealing. Used previously for fireplace..One episode of flooding July this year since living here '02. Noted seal broken base of chimney. Require inspection and estimate please.
Vicinity of in Nepean
The basement leaks during most spring melts (where walls meet floor). The weeping tiles that surround the house (rowhouse condo) are obsolete. I would like to know if a sump pump will help the situation.

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