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Atlantic Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Kemptville. Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems's recent work requests in Kemptville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems' recent work requests in Kemptville, ON
Vicinity of Clothier in Kemptville
I'm a Realtor - my clients have a conditional offer on a home that needs some crawl-space repair. I need to get an estimate done ASAP - please call me! Thanks
Vicinity of Flynn Rd in Kemptville
Water stain along a portion of the basement baseboards in two areas. i know my eaves are not draining properly. house is for sale, possible buyer is quite concerned.. weeping tile was installed around foundation about 18 years ago.. could this be foundation issue or other causes.
Vicinity of Blue Rock Ave in Kemptville
I have a crack in my basement and when it rains, water leaks in. I'm looking for an estimate for fixing this asap as I'm about to list my house on the market. Thanks you for your time!
Vicinity of Darcys Way in Kemptville
After heavy rains, water coming in basement at garage to basement stairwell.
Vicinity of Fairmile Rd in Kemptville
Sump Pump System - ideally triple safe with ice guard if I can afford it. I do not have access to a phone during the day so if you could email that would be the best contact method. Thanks, Dianna
Vicinity of Colonel Drive in Kemptville
After the heavy rain over the last day and night we have water entering our basement, there is a crack in the foundation outside, do not know if this is the cause. Had a sun room attached to the house on this side in summer of 2008. First time I have noticed this happen.
Vicinity of MCCAUL DRIVE in Kemptville
Hi I have a crack in my basement wall that is all the way though and visible on both the inside and outside of the house. There is no water coming in that I have noticed but I would like to get a free estimate on having it repaired.
Vicinity of Dillabaugh Road in Kemptville
Home 9:30 a.m. To 1:15 p.m. Or after 6:00 p.m. I have two hairline cracks visible from outside of concrete 1986 home. Water is coming in the basement
Vicinity of Prescott St in Kemptville
Weeping tile problem
Vicinity of Settler's Way in Kemptville
Request for foundation repair quote. Water leakage in basement.
Vicinity of in Kemptville
In the Spring, when there is a lot of heavy rain or snow melting, water leaks into the basement. It seems to seep in at the base of the wall, all along the back of the house.
Vicinity of Pelton Rd in Kemptville
Hi There Just checking to see if we are good to go with the Sept. time for our basement window & how the breakdown of expenses will work out delaying the rest of the work until Spring 2012?? Thanks, Trudi
Vicinity of Pelton Rd., in Kemptville
We have 1 window well that pools with water whenever we have heavy rain and then leaks into our basement. How can we fix this?/ Can you help??
Vicinity of Black Walnut Rd in Kemptville
Water was coming into our basement. First time we have noticed this. Looking at what is required to resolve.
Vicinity of in Kemptville
The sump is very shallow and the original pump has failed. The hose from the sump is also blocked now (frozen?) so we have a temporary and unsatisfactory fix in place. The whole sump disposal system needs to be re-engineered. I'd like it done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Fourth Line in Kemptville
Looking to purhase new sump pump with battery backup pump
Vicinity of Hickory Drive in Kemptville
We have a 3 bedroom bungalo, which is approx. 1 year old. There is an existing sump pump. With this heavy rains, it seems to run approximately every 20 minutes. We require a back up system, and I am interested in the ICEGuard as well.
Vicinity of Regiment Road in Kemptville
Just waiting for a written estimate for our Bass Lake property that was suppose to be ready Jan 10th ???
Vicinity of Regiment Road in Kemptville
It is a crawl space in a house at Bass lake that we just bought. The floor is springy and needs to be reinforced as the original part of the cottage consisted of only 2X6 joists. We plan on renovating and adding clay tile and hardwood so the joists need to be reinforced to take the spring out

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