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Atlantic Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Brockville. Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems's recent work requests in Brockville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Atlantic Basement Systems' recent work requests in Brockville, ON
Vicinity of Massey in Brockville
Vicinity of Gilmour St in Brockville
Vicinity of Peden in Brockville
Need a quote to repair a crack in foundation and brick
Vicinity of Comstock Crescent in Brockville
Our basement appears to be flooding, thought it was leakyhose on the washer but upon further investigation it seems the entire baseline of the back wall the weeping tile possibly is leaking. It is not heavy flooring but it's a good half nice of water which we are worried will cause more damage, any help would be greatly appreciated asap. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Vicinity of in Brockville
Every thaw we have 2 sump pumps to keep our basement dry. This year the 2 pumps still had wetness on the floor. Water comes up through the floor. With the high water levels our basement pumps are on now-keeping up until the power was off the other day. Want to fix this issue so we are not always worried about hydro etc.
Vicinity of Fourth St. in Brockville
Baseboard mold and soft spots in floor
Vicinity of Sussex Place in Brockville
Need help with basement leaking at back wall
Vicinity of Front Avenue West in Brockville
Basement wall leaks... needs fixing
Vicinity of in Brockville
How much will it cost to encapsulate my crawl space
Vicinity of Reynolds Drive in Brockville
Water seeping thru baseboards in the basement. Would like to be contacted and have someone come and look at it for us. Thank you!!
Vicinity of Waverly Drive in Brockville
The northwest corner of our house appears to have some drainage problems. The downspout was completely clogged and , prior to redirecting it away from the house, flooded our basement. We are looking for an estimate and details on what would be involved in waterproofing the northwest corner of the house from the outside.
Vicinity of Sharpe's Lane in Brockville
After last 2 rainstorms, water has begun leaking through ne concrete block wall of basement.
Vicinity of Lindsay Place in Brockville
Cracks in mortar above and below grade. Wet carpet areas in basement. Missing mortar between blocks on foundation.
Vicinity of Kelly Road in Brockville
Small crack (vertical) in poured concrete foundation...would like to have it sealed. No current water entry
Vicinity of Wellington St in Brockville
Would like advice & estimate on correcting water problem in stone-walled basement
Vicinity of Windsor Drive in Brockville
Would like free estimate to waterproof basement
Vicinity of Pearl Street West in Brockville
I want someone to come and look in my basement to replace the support beams. As well as look at putting in some support on the extention of my house.
Vicinity of Pearl St W in Brockville
Appear to have crack in foundation. Water entering through basement wall
Vicinity of Crestwood Dr in Brockville
We water coming in to our finished basement. there is only one wall.
Vicinity of Cunningham Cres in Brockville
Leaking foundation in multiple areas. Has leaked for many years, so there is also mold growth inside the house. Need to have the foundation waterproofed, and the interior mold removed.
Vicinity of Grenville Crt in Brockville
Leak in one section of our basement.Appears to be at the base of the wall where it meets the floor.
Vicinity of in Brockville
We would like to have a quote on getting our basement waterproofed. The room is approximately 12 x 32 as it is only a full basement underneath the bedrooms. It is a block basement with slight seepage in one corner. Can it be completed from the inside.
Vicinity of Wall Street in Brockville
I have a stone foundation which is leaking in several spots.
Vicinity of Pearl Street West in Brockville
Vicinity of Pearl St in Brockville
Back corner of the house has sunk a little bit causing livingroom floor to be sloping.Can live with that but would like to know if corner foundation blocks can be put back into place not lined up about an inch out.Thanks dale
Vicinity of Perth Street in Brockville
My basement recently flooded from my washing machine,a possible blockage in the piping,and my cold storgage room seems to be laeking through the foundation.
Vicinity of Crawford St in Brockville
We have a leak that comes from foundation wall. Apparantly so far this only happens in the spring time when ground is still frozen, when it rains and when ground thaws. It does not seem to leak with any rainfall at other times of the year.. how is this fixed
Vicinity of in Brockville
I have a 1929 old basemaent(cave) and the water is runig under the fundation so i like to know if it can be fix.
Vicinity of North Augusta Rd in Brockville
I was woundering what the average price for fixing water problems in basements .water comes in my basment through cracks in the floor,looks like someone before me has put cement over the cracks in the past ,to many decks to do and outside job,so i was thinking of doing it myself but the wife says find someone to do it .
Vicinity of Duke Street in Brockville
I am looking for someone to inspect my basement. I am trying to sell my home and it appears i have a small leak along one wall. I would like to repair this from the inside if at all possible. Please email for appointment as I work 12 hour rotating shifts, I can follow up with a phone call.
Vicinity of Glengarry in Brockville
We are having minor leaks, and hope to re-carpet the space
Vicinity of James St West in Brockville
I have had a few small leaks in my basement previously, but after this past weekends heavy rains, I had water coming coming into my basement in at least three spots. I live in an old house pre 1900. Hopefully someone can give me a call ro e-mail me to discuss. Thanks
Vicinity of Vanier Dr. in Brockville
We have a 22 x 14 rec room that was recently flooded. We cannot re-finish the area until we know where the water is coming in.
Vicinity of Kensington Pkwy in Brockville
Basement is dowm 5 ft from surface. leaks at big rain
Vicinity of in Brockville
We have a leaky cold room. It didn't seem to be a problem the first 2 years here. Then we up-rooted some large plants in flower garden at the front of the house. Ever since, during heavy rains we get water through the block wall in the cold room.
Vicinity of Fairway Crescent in Brockville
Our cold room leaking raining water at the front side. Please arrange a free investigation and estimation as soon as possible.

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